About this site

IMG_3571This website has been created by Flick Grey, an independent Open Dialogue practitioner, Intentional Peer Support facilitator, researcher, consultant and supervisor based in Melbourne, Australia.

The site is designed to nourish the growth of Peer-Supported Open Dialogue in Australia, and to deepen the thinking around Peer-Supported Open Dialogue internationally. The site was created as part of a 2015 SANE Hocking Fellowship.

There are many different approaches in Australia (and internationally), inspired by Open Dialogue, and every intention is made to honour this diversity on this website, while maintaining fidelity both to the principles of Open Dialogue and to the values of the international consumer/survivor/peer movement.

The images in the site were all taken by Flick Grey, while travelling on the Hocking Fellowship, at various sites where Open Dialogue was being practiced or discussed:

  • Home page: one of the rooms where network meetings take place, Tornio (Finland), August 2016;
  • Principles page: staff room, Keropoudas hospital (Finland) August 2016;
  • Peer-Supported Open Dialogue page: staff room, Psykiatrisk Afdeling Svendborg (Denmark), August 2016;
  • Resources page: art supplies, Krisenpension, Berlin (Germany), August 2016;
  • Upcoming events page: Riverside, Tornio (Finland), August 2016;
  • Blog page: Clouds over the river, Tornio (Finland), August 2016;
  • About this site page: Abandoned fortress, Krakow (Poland), where discussions about Open Dialogue were had with a Polish peer worker (the lit room was being used as an art space), July 2016;
  • Contact page: entrance to Krisenpension, Berlin (Germany), August 2016.